Ways To Encourage People To Buy Today


One problem that all of us as Internet marketers face is how to get people to spend money with us today. We know that everyone who comes to our websites is going to leave.

We have no way to get back in touch with them unless we capture their name and email address for future follow up.Therefore it is important to get as many positive responses from each visitor that we possibly can.

A positive response can be anything from getting them to subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe to our RSS feed, click on a PPC ad, fill out a lead form, bookmark our site, refer us to a friend, or hopefully actually purchase something we are selling.

The experts of Internet marketing know some of the tricks to help encourage people to buy something today. Here are nine ways they do that!

1. Offer a lengthy money back guarantee. The longer you offer a moneyback guarantee for the more confidence you are showing in the product you sell.

This confidence helps relax people to buy now knowing they can always return it. The length of your guarantee could be anywhere from 30 days, to a lifetime guarantee.

2. Give a deadline that people need to order by. Offer some sort of free bonus or discount for purchasing by the deadline. The deadline creates urgency to make a purchase by the date you announce. If you make the bonuses so tempting, you can even offer a deadline of today!

3. Offer real testimonials on your sales page. Testimonials create trust and credibility. These should be real people and include their name and even a website address if they have one. You can also include audio testimonials to add even more credibility.

4. If you sell a service include a bonus where you give away part of that for free. For example if you have a blog writing service, you might offer to host and bookmark the first article and to teach your potential customer how to do it. If they think you will help them out even more many people will make a purchase from you.

5. Create a program where people can sell your product or service to get it for free. This is an excellent way for you to increase more sales and to get them as a customer for future products too.

6. Give away free shipping on all orders made today. This works extremely well for businesses during the holidays, but Internet marketers can offer this year-round to entice people to buy now.

7. Provide a free consultation on all orders placed in the next 24 hours. Your consultation could be via e-mail, telephone, or even Skype telephone around the world.

8. Offer a multiple purchase discount. For example if they buy two of something they could get one free. Or you might even offer a buy one get one free special today only.

9. Give away free samples that allow people to try it before they buy. This is a good way to earn people’s trust and if they like the product they will purchase it.

Traditional businesses in the off line world have always done an excellent job of enticing people to purchase while they are in the store. This has been nine ways that the experts do the same thing online and so can you!