How to Establish Your Presence Online Through Local Small Business Marketing


Does your small business cater specifically to people within your area? If yes, then you need to do some local small business marketing. By doing so, it will be a lot easier for people to find you if theyre interested in the products or services that you advertised online. As long as you understand how to properly use search engine marketing tactics, finding your website at the top of local search results is possible.

Remember how you often get location maps when you search for some local businesses using popular search engines? You can have one for your business by submitting your address to search engines for specific location-based results. You may have to wait for a snail mail or phone call asking for verification a day or two after you submitted your business address. If youre submitting to multiple search engines, make sure that the company name, address, and phone number are consistent to make things less confusing.

When submitting information, remember to use information that can help localized searches. For example, you should use your full street address instead of your PO Box address since local searches dont use PO boxes. Furthermore, although a generic 800-XXXX number is nice, a local number can help indicate your business location.

Having the right address information is important, but dont forget to provide a brief description about your company. Otherwise, people wont know what to make out of the address and phone number. Dont forget, location-based keywords are crucial for effective local small business marketing, so make sure to include them in your company description.

Customer reviews are also essential for local small business marketing since they help build your companys credibility. If you can, ask previous customers to post reviews or comments about your business in their own websites. You can later use these reviews for monthly newsletters or email signatures. Good reviews are always welcome, but having bad reviews is not always a bad thing, since it means youre getting real opinions from real customers.

Social networking sites are very powerful local small business marketing tools. Create a profile with your business address, phone number and a link to your website, and then use it to notify people about product updates, promos, and recent customer reviews. Dont forget to use relevant keywords when posting anything to get a little extra exposure.