How Campus Placement Helps Business School Students And Companies


In todays competitive world, number of companies is increasing and there are several vacant positions that need to be filled with the right candidate. Campus placement is one of the best methods for companies to conduct interviews in business school campuses and select bright students to fill these job vacancies. This method is not only effective for companies in getting the right candidate with less cost involved in the recruitment process but also beneficial for business schools in creating a name for their institute in the market.

There are several business schools in India that have a superb reputation in case of campus placements. For instance, Indira Global Business School is one of the leading business institutes in Pune where some of the top companies including MNCs and banks come to recruit bright students for jobs. This method has proved very beneficial for students of business schools because even before they get to finish their studies, they get an opportunity to get a job of their dreams. They dont have to seek out employers, but employers approach them. It helps them shape their careers even before they step out of college.

Today, institutes hire a placement officer whose main function is to get in touch with companies (including small, medium and large) and coordinate with them to set up the campus placement process. If you are also preparing yourself for campus recruitment process it helps to know what are the common qualities that companies look for in a candidate. For instance, they look for students who are good at communication, have a good track record, self confident and a positive attitude towards their career. A business school such as Indira Global Business School gets its students placed in some of the top companies in India.

There are many companies that not only choose a student but also make an investment in training him/her. This ensures loyalty from the employees side because students tend to identify better and more closely with the first company that recruited them. In many cases, students also get ready to work at low salaries offered by large companies because it gives them a positive start in their career. There is no doubt that the method of campus recruitment has opened up doors of opportunities for students. Therefore, if someone is planning to pursue business management course, it is very important to select a good business management school. They must check the institutes reputation in terms of campus placements to get a basic idea.