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In the Philippines, one of the most important facets of tradition that bring families together is food. It is a customary practice for Filipinos anywhere in the world to celebrate all kinds of occasions with food, be it a momentous welcoming of a new born baby or an unfortunate loss of a loved one. Any occasion for that matter is always observed with serving of even the simplest Filipino foods, that a humble homemaker is most glad to offer to all visitors, strangers even, a gesture that is proudly Filipino which is true and genuine hospitality.

For Pinoy balikbayans or homecoming Filipinos, aside from the excitement of being in the company of family and friends once again, what they look forward to the most are the traditional Filipino or Pinoy foods which they missed and have been longing to eat while away in a foreign land. Of course by going online via Pinoy recipes online, they are also able to cook these Filipino dishes by themselves while in a foreign land. But indulging on these Filipino foods while in abroad would not be as satisfying and fulfilling than when they gulp them down in their own homeland. Especially in the provinces, the thrill of gobbling up all these Pinoy meals and delicacies with people they love can be felt during picnics and when eaten ala boodle fight. During boodle fights, long tables are prepared where the hot steamed rice, viands, usually consisting of pancit, chicken and pork adobo, grilled tilapia and pork chops, and broiled mussels are spread on top of banana leaves and are eaten by everyone with bare hands. This outdoor food experience is patterned after a military style of eating and is best enjoyed by everyone especially during the summer months of the year when fruits like the famous Philippine mangoes, watermelons and pineapples are ready for picking and harvesting.

Philippine recipes and Pinoy cuisine are characterized by a diverse influence of neighboring Asian countries like China, India and Japan as well as the countries from the West and Europe like the US, Britain, Mexico and Spain. These foreigners reached Philippine shores either by reason of trade and commerce or by colonization. Every Philippine food has its own character but almost always, there is an undeniable presence of another countrys cuisine that smudges every here and there in the best Filipino food. Like in the case of home cooked or lutong bahay recipes of mechado, picadillo and afritada, these are all Mexican and Spanish in nature. It is no joke to be colonized by Spain for three hundred years, hence, the influence in Pinoy cooking is a matter that cannot be avoided in any way. The Chinese came to the Philippines for reason of commerce long even before the Spaniards came ashore. From them, Filipinos learned cooking pancit, shanghai rolls, dumplings and such delis like hopia and tikoy.

The list can be endless as to what kinds of foods Filipinos anywhere enjoy the best. For anyone who wishes to learn about these lutong Pinoy recipes, one just needs to explore using the internet via online Philippine recipes. Websites are easily accessible and anyone who is interested in dipping his or her hands at cooking a lutong Pinoy menu or easy Filipino recipes will find that cooking them is not at all complicated. Instructions are simple and easy to understand while ingredients are most commonly found at Oriental stores if one is based in a country other than the Philippines. Otherwise, local markets proliferate with fresh seafood, meats, fruits and veggies that are all part of the Philippine cooking tradition.

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