Effective Negotiating – The Key To Sales Success

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On the other hand, a person’s urgency to get something done can work in your favor. If the other person is in a hurry to get things done, you can be assured that he will be more willing to bend than he would in a normal situation.

A word of caution – never exploit the other person’s urgency to such an extent that it makes the deal grossly one sided. You may get what you want one time, but such deals have a negative impact on your reputation and future business. A win-win situation is always desired.

Price Is Not Everything – Terms Matter Too:

Terms of service are as important as the price itself. An example could be the loans and mortgage industry. Companies are able to charge higher interests rates than competitors by allowing flexible repayment options. Companies offering freebies with their products are compensating a higher price with friendlier terms. Create a balance between the price and the terms – when price is your weak point, offset it with better terms.

“The Policy” Tactic:

Since childhood, people are taught that rules are not to be broken. At subconscious level most of the people carry a perception that it is their duty to follow all rules. You will be surprised how easily people give in when they are told that the terms which they expecting are against the company policy. Salespersons always keep a printed price list with themselves. Those few black words printed on a white paper add authority to the salesperson’s arguments and send the message that it is not within their power to alter the terms.

Keep Your Last Price For The Last:

Most buyers have a tendency to ask for a lower price than offered. If asked for “the last price”, quote something more than the actual “last price” which you are willing to give. It doesn’t matter if initially you offer a price 2% lower or 20% lower – buyers will ask for a further lower price in both cases.

The Final Gambit – Say “No”:

Risk taking is an essential ingredient of success.

Agreeing to customers’ terms all the time weakens your image in the market. Walk out of the deal if it doesn’t seem profitable. If the customer gives in to your terms, you win a profitable deal. If you lose the customer, why repent? He wasn’t a profitable customer anyway.