Can I Earn And Look A Million Dollars With Herbalife

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Ever since I wrote a review mentioning that some people were making upto one million dollars a year on the Herbalife program, I have been bombarded with requests for further information. The interesting point is that not all of these requests came from those interested in the business opportunity but some simply wanted to know if the quality of the products was so good as to make a distributor a million dollars a year.

The review I wrote was based on my own personal experiences and although my association with Herbalife did not last very long, I will nonetheless try to give my two cents on these questions in this article.

Looking a Million Dollars

The Herbalife weight loss program is in all honesty very good but only for those who may have inadvertently acquired some weight for example during a pregnancy or on a holiday. If you are like me and have packed a few pounds because you really love your food then this program is not for you. And to be fair, there is no reputable program out there with which you can lose weight without compromising on the quality and quantity of your food intake.

For us food lovers there is only one way to lose weight and that is to improve the quality of our food intake and do some light exercise. For example I used to be a regular patron of a leading fast food chain. After an intense internal battle, I am pleased to say that my will power scraped through with a narrow victory and I have not been to this particular fast food joint for almost a year. I add to this a twenty minute brisk walk in the evening and am pleased to say that I feel much healthier now and without having to give up most of my favourite foods. With this you may not look million dollars anytime soon but at least it is a start.

Making a Million Dollars

Now onto the more serious business of the business opportunity. Yes, there are people at the top of the ladder who make a million dollars with Herbalife. That is true and there is no denying it. This group of people is, however, very small. The earnings of most distributors will be significantly lower and unfortunately many distributors will also no doubt fail in their business.

The main problem I faced was that potential customers perceived the Herbalife products to be expensive when compared to other off the shelf products. This was further compounded by the fact that due to brand advertising these off the shelf products were more well known to people than Herbalife. In this situation the only way you can make a sale is through some serious selling skills which unfortunately many distributors will lack. Recruiters will often say that selling skills are not a pre-requisite but I do not believe this to be true. For me good selling skills are imperative for success in this line of business. Start up costs are very high compared to other home based businesses and failure can be very heartbreaking and costly . So the answer is….YES…you can look and make a million dollars with Herbalife but just make sure that you are not in love with food and that you have some really good selling skills.


I normally do not recommend Direct Selling/Network Marketing businesses. For me the risk of failure is far too high compared to the probability of success. This opportunity is for those who are confident enough to bet a few thousand dollars on their selling skills. For me the ideal home based business is affiliate marketing. You will probably lose no more than a 100 dollars in this field before you find out that this business is not for you. A minute amount compared to the thousands of dollars you will lose if you fail with the Herbalife business opportunity.